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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name VESSEL mean
Definition of a vessel is hollow utensil such as a cup, bucket used for holding liquids or other contents, or alternate name for a ship. This VESSEL carries jargon!
Why do I need VESSEL
Provides you a simple personal crib to translate jargon, acronyms or INITIALs; also contributes to improving consistency of language within a closed group or team
Does the app work without phone signal
Yes, you can search, scroll, refer within a BATCH, swap BATCH and Search all BATCHES without the internet. The links will not function though
What is a BATCH
The BATCH is the collection of jargon terms & their translation that originate from within your team or tribe
What is a SET
The SET is the basic unit of a BATCH. It has 4 parts the Term, Translation, The full description and finally The link to a source or wider resource
How do I report errors or concerns that I have with VESSEL
Email the contact hello@vesselapp.io and we shall reply to emails within 2 working days
Why would I need to seek permission to access a BATCH
If the BATCH holds specialised, confidential or even private knowledge, access to that BATCH may be vetted